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A Daily Struggle Solved – Close Doors Easier

A Daily Struggle Solved – Close Doors Easier

A Daily Challenge Solved With Easy Door Closing

Closing a door can be a simple task for some… unless it is a daily challenge. People using wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, crutches, or other mobility aids know this daily. This article talks about the problem and the simple to install and use solution.

There are many articles talking about mobility and aids for daily living. ATB Assistive Technology Blog does a great job searching and writing about assistive technology. Their website is here: via @ATBlog2

The Struggle

Yes, closing a door is a problem. Picture the wheelchair user rolling out of the front door. To close the door they must turn around, roll halfway into the doorway to grab the door handle. Depending on the handle, their grip can slip or limited grip and pulling strength. Once the door starts to swing closed their wheelchair or device gets in the way. They have to roll back to give room for the door to close and reach forward again to grab the door handle. This is a lot of work on a daily basis just to close a simple door.

Spring-Loaded or Automatic Doors

Firstly, spring-loaded door closers create extra difficultly to open the door because of the tension on the door keeping it closed especially If strength or grip is limited. Also, we are not always as quick as we need to be and most automatic door closers close quickly on the person while in the door's path. The auto door closers can take too long to close while waiting at the door waiting for it to close. Installing auto door closers can be difficult as they need to install on the door hinge or in difficult to reach places. Spring-loaded closers can cause harm, extra delays, and frustration. Automatic door openers/closers are expensive, require power, and require someone to install it along with the same closing rush or delay as the spring-loaded version to close.

The Solution 

The T-Pull Door Closer was designed to be used on any interior or exterior door making it easier to close. The handle shape and length allow easy gripping and only one finger worth of pull is needed to close the door. The handle design allows function with a closed fist! This is due to the design of the handle shape and length, and the swivel action allowing a more ergonomic motion of the user's arm and shoulder. The T-Pull Door Closer allows the user more independence to close the door when they are clear from the door's path. Installation is as simple as Peel and Stick.

Taking the seemingly simple task of closing a door and making it easier for people who have this extra daily challenge. I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions.


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The T-Pull Door Closer is a great device for people in wheelchairs as well as anyone using crutches. Cast aside those awkward moments, physical strain and loss of dignity! With the Door Closer, closing doors becomes a simple task. That means one less thing to deal with in a day-to-day world that puts up countless barriers. It's also a lot better looking that a rope hanging off the edge - a low-profile solution that makes life better in numerous ways.

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