So Simple Yet So Amazing, the T-Pull Door Closer Helps Increase Independence

Making Life a Little Easier, Closing One Door at a Time

If you're in a wheelchair, you know the challenges of closing a door behind you. Whether it's the front door to your home, or a door to the washroom, bedroom, office or elsewhere, closing a door involves an awkward and uncomfortable reach that takes time and strains muscles. The T-Pull Door Closer is the solution!

Simply by installing this handy device with adhesive to the centre or closer end of any door, you’re giving yourself or someone else an easier time of closing the door when necessary. The handle tucks away when not in use, and easily pulls out to shut the door. Simple to use, less strain & wasted time, more independence!

The T-Pull Door Closer Helps You Close Doors Easily

The T-Pull Door Closer is a great device for people in wheelchairs as well as anyone using crutches. Cast aside those awkward moments, physical strain and loss of dignity! With the Door Closer, closing doors becomes a simple task. That means one less thing to deal with in a day-to-day world that puts up countless barriers. It's also a lot better looking that a rope hanging off the edge - a low-profile solution that makes life better in numerous ways.

Ergonomically Designed

Built with comfort & functionality in mind, the Door Closer is simple to use and solves a big problem!

Durable Materials

Holds up well in cold, heat, humidity and more - all with sturdy materials built to last under a variety of conditions & uses.

Tucks Away When Not in Use

Unlike other homemade solutions, the Door Closer is aesthetically pleasing, tucking away for low profile.

Easy to Install

No screws, drills or other hardware necessary - just peel off the back and adhere to the door!

Makes Closing Doors Easier for People Using
Wheelchairs, Crutches or Canes

T-Pull Door Closer, Wheelchair Accessible Handle, Interior or Exterior, Durable, Swivels

  • Easy to install. Clean, Peel, and Stick with extremely sticky adhesive from 3M.
  • Durable and high-quality materials. High-density plastics that withstand overuse and a variety of environments and temperatures.
  • Swiveling handle for ergonomic use and tucks against the door when not in use. This feature gives the right leverage in closing the door from outside the door frame without much effort.
  • A manual door closer. No rushing to beat the spring-loaded door or wait around for the door to close. Close the door when you are ready.
  • The T-Pull makes any door easy to close, especially for people with limited mobility.
  • Great assistive device for people using wheelchairs, walkers, or any other mobility aids.
  • Screws are included for permanent installation


$249.99 $39.99

Customer Testimonials for the T-Pull Door Closer

R. Burger

“I chaffed a bit at spending $50 for a small handle that I figure I could fashion myself. But I'm glad now that I didn't spend time and money on a homemade contraption. This has nice low profile. Works perfectly to solve a problem. Money well spent.

The manufacturer says the adhesive alone will be strong enough. He also provides some mounting screws. I had a minor problem with an unusual size and type of screw, and the seller patiently resolved the problem. I feel better about having the extra screw attachment as I am good at breaking things. The adhesive should be fine, adding the screws is no biggy.”

Rebecca Leavenworth

“I ordered 2 T-Pulls - they arrived very quickly. These devices come preloaded with adhesive so installation was a snap (measure, level, mark, stick and you're done!) - the instructions are simple and there are pictures for correct placement. Right after installation we had a cold front move in for a week with snow and rain and the weather had no impact on the adhesive. These are low profile and much better looking than the "rope around the door knob" method that so many folks in wheelchairs have to use to close a door. I would highly recommend these to anyone who needs to accomodate door closure from a wheelchair.”

Tiffany R

I'm a physio that works with clients with mobility issues. The T-Pull is a simple device that enables wheelchair bound clients to easily close doors. It can also be used with people that use walkers or crutches to close doors.

Victoria Mackey

Fantastic device to assist someone in a wheelchair close the door behind them. I highly recommend this device.

Stanley Kosinski

These handles are handmade and well crafted. The directions are clear and easy to understand. The material is durable and the unit mounts easily and firmly

Amazon Customer

This is so simple yet amazing! Installed for construction client who needed the door close issue solved in a simple and unobtrusive manner. Great product, simple to install and use immediately


Amazon reviewed - United States - July 2021 I have needed this for years and did not know it existed. Found and use it everyday. A great tool for people who are handicapped. SO EASY TO INSTALL, ONLY NEED A SCREW DRIVER. 67 YEAR OLD DID IT EFFORTLESSLY. It has a sticky substance to adhere and help in putting screws in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers have questions, we have answers. Below are the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

  • Where are these made?
    Each one is cast, drilled, assembled, and shipped by hand in Ottawa, Canada.
  • We live in an area with extreme hot and cold weather. How long does the adhesive last?
    We have had the T-Pull installed on an exterior door with only the supplied adhesive in Canadian climate (-40C to- +40C) since 2015 and it is still being used everyday.
  • Do we need screws?
    The screws are supplied as extra support for heavy wood or metal exterior doors. The idea behind not using screws is for ease of use and so far, we have not had to use screws for any installation - metal or wood, interior or exterior.
  • How are they installed?
    Short answer is: Peel and stick.
    Take a look at the installation manual for details.
  • Do they come in different colors?
    Not yet. Although possibly in the future. If you do require a different color, send us a message and we will check our suppliers for material availability.
  • What is the warranty?
    Warranty is one year from purchase date. Regardless, if you have any problem with the T-Pull, at any time send us a message and we will do what we can to get you back to using the T-Pull as soon as possible.
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