T-Pull Door Closer, Wheelchair Accessible Handle, Interior or Exterior, Durable, Swivels

$42.99 $39.99
  • Easy to install. Clean, Peel and Stick with extremely sticky adhesive from 3M.
  • Durable and high-quality materials. High-density plastics that withstand overuse and a variety of environments and temperatures.
  • Swiveling handle for ergonomic use and tucks against the door when not in use. This feature gives the right leverage in closing the door from outside the door frame without much effort.
  • A manual door closer. No rushing to beat the spring-loaded door or wait around for the door to close. Close the door when you are ready.
  • The T-Pull makes any door easy to close, especially for people with limited mobility.
  • Great assistive device for people using wheelchairs, walkers, or any other mobility aids.
  • Screws are included for permanent installation


Customer Testimonials for the T-Pull Door Closer

R. Burger

“I chaffed a bit at spending $50 for a small handle that I figure I could fashion myself. But I'm glad now that I didn't spend time and money on a homemade contraption. This has nice low profile. Works perfectly to solve a problem. Money well spent.

The manufacturer says the adhesive alone will be strong enough. He also provides some mounting screws. I had a minor problem with an unusual size and type of screw, and the seller patiently resolved the problem. I feel better about having the extra screw attachment as I am good at breaking things. The adhesive should be fine, adding the screws is no biggy.”

Rebecca Leavenworth

“I ordered 2 T-Pulls - they arrived very quickly. These devices come preloaded with adhesive so installation was a snap (measure, level, mark, stick and you're done!) - the instructions are simple and there are pictures for correct placement. Right after installation we had a cold front move in for a week with snow and rain and the weather had no impact on the adhesive. These are low profile and much better looking than the "rope around the door knob" method that so many folks in wheelchairs have to use to close a door. I would highly recommend these to anyone who needs to accomodate door closure from a wheelchair.”

Tiffany R

I'm a physio that works with clients with mobility issues. The T-Pull is a simple device that enables wheelchair bound clients to easily close doors. It can also be used with people that use walkers or crutches to close doors.

Victoria Mackey

Fantastic device to assist someone in a wheelchair close the door behind them. I highly recommend this device.

Stanley Kosinski

These handles are handmade and well crafted. The directions are clear and easy to understand. The material is durable and the unit mounts easily and firmly

Amazon Customer

This is so simple yet amazing! Installed for construction client who needed the door close issue solved in a simple and unobtrusive manner. Great product, simple to install and use immediately

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