T-Pull Door Closer

removing barriers for people with mobility challenges.

Showing the T-Pull door closer installed on an interior door with the standard door knob handle.

Our Story

How we got here


After an accident left me with a paralyzed arm and chronic neuropathic pain, I started to notice how difficult the little things can be for people with mobility challenges. 

During years of rehabilitation and being around people with different levels of mobility, I noticed one common problem with doors. This gave me an idea to develop an easy way to remove an everyday barrier.

If you use a wheelchair, you know that opening a door is relatively easy. But moving backward to close the door behind you is another story. 

It often goes something like this:

  - Once the door is open, you roll out completely and turn around to face the open door.

  - Now, you will need to roll halfway into the door frame to reach the conventional door handle.

  - When the door starts to swing closed the wheelchair gets in the way, so you need to roll back just enough to reach the handle again, and as the door swings closed a little more, the wheelchair gets in the way again.

  - This rolling back and reach forth goes on until the door closes. 

Imagine cold, windy weather, mosquito season, or a pet trying to make a run for it! 

The T-Pull Door Closer easily and inexpensively solves this hassle for any door around your home or business, including interior and heavy exterior doors.

 It’s a small thing that I hope will make a big difference for you!